Friday, February 12, 2016

cakap cakap...Valentine's Day

steadyaku47 comment:  Saya celeberate Valentine's Day....steady aja..... camna I celeberate? Cium bini kat pipi aja....

Quickies : Sultan Johor

Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar memandu sendiri trak Mack dari Istana Pasir Pelangi, Johor Bahru ke Muar untuk bertemu dengan rakyat.


steadyaku47 comment : Ahem...Tuanku tak pakai Tali Keledar ka? Orang Johor jangan marah ya...saya tanya aja. 

Quickies : Public Service Announcement.

steadyaku47 comment : Would you not be happy to go on an all expense paid round trip to Los Angeles by private jet? You would would you not? So do not begrudge these two for looking so happy at the prospect of that trip!

As for all you people who are upset because it will be your money that will be paying for the trip......I say this : Tough Titties! You put these two idiots in Seri don't complain!


The Collapse of Trust

steadyaku47 comment : Read this at Antares Maitreya FB
A good read...exactly what is happening here in Bolehland!

Well, I think the most noticeable feature (and this doesn’t just apply to academia)…

What I noticed most strongly in the change in the last twenty years is the collapse of trust.

People do not trust ‘the authorities’ any more.

It actually doesn’t matter what they’re authorities in – the moment somebody is set up as the official authority on a subject, people out there don’t trust that person. And there’s a really good reason for that: because the authorities have lied to us again and again and again and again and again…

 Deliberately lied, deliberately concealed. The association of authority with truth is no longer there. Authority is associated in the public mind with lies, and that’s because the authorities deserve that, because the buggers have lied all the time and continue to lie. And if they’re not lying, they dissemble and they spin and they alter things. It’s all about managing and manipulating public opinion in a democracy. I mean, we’re told that we live in this fantastic democracy, but actually the ability to have, to hold and to press home a free opinion is not that great in a democracy, because what the political process in democracies is all about is conning the electorate – it’s persuading the electorate to go for a particular point of view and that may be done by pressing all kinds of emotional and ideological buttons, rather than simple logic and reason.

So, we live in an environment which is riddled with lies and it’s quite natural, as a result of that, that an intelligent, discerning public should cease to trust the authorities.

with thanks to Graham Hancock

Quickies : Roslan Awang : Apabila BabiNegara menjadi pemimpin.

Apabila BabiNegara menjadi pemimpin...!

MALAYSIA population 30 millions .
THAILAND population 70 millions.
Negara hampir sama luas. 

Tanah subur di Malaysia jauh lebih luas dari Thailand .....tapi beras Malaysia import dari Thailand....orang Malaysia bodoh!.

Kawasan Tanah Datar subur digenangi air yang sesuai untuk tanaman padi di Malaysia jauh lebih luas dari Thailand.

Tapi Malaysia import beras dari Thailand ....bodoh!

INDONESIA ....Tanah bukit yang tidak subur.
Orang Indonesia jadikan tanah tu subur ditanam padi.

Kat Malaysia pula kerajaan timbus Tanah Sawah Gred A di Jerlun kawasan perairan MADA untuk dibuat rumah untuk dijual .....bodoh.

Kita import beras setahun dalam lingkaran 840 ribu tan.
Jadi purata sebulan 70 ribu tan.

Malaysia import almost 75% for local consumption