Tuesday, 3 May 2016

When An 'Election' Becomes An Invasion - COMMENT

3 May 2016

For yet another week the unabashed leaders of BN plainly intend to sully Sarawak’s morals with disgusting displays of naked bribery threats and open election cheating.

The lights will go out three days before (as usual) so that the BN controlled charade can then get down to the real business of making sure they come out with a really whopping “win” after the pantomime of all that so-called ‘electioneering’.

No effective monitoring at the count will, of course, be tolerated – those of PR’s leaders who have been allowed in at all are due to be rounded up and thrown out of the state on May 5th. No explanation given.

A hundred thousand illegal postal votes from absent West Malaysian ex-cops and soldiers remain in hand to be distributed around to ‘top up’ any flagging BN seats – and, of course, there are now the 11 safe new micro-rural seats, desginged to ensure a commanding 2/3 majority. Despite protests at the constitutionally illegal and gross imbalance of voter numbers, the client Election Commission forced the gerrymandering through.

These kleptocrats will then massively congratulate themselves and attempt to claim they ‘won hearts and minds’, before they doubtless all run off to Mecca (first class/private jet) to ‘purge themselves’ of such blatant sin.

This election is nothing to do with Najib? Adenan bows to his UMNO boss

This election is nothing to do with Najib? Adenan bows to his UMNO boss

Why bother?

In the eyes of the world it won’t wash, of course. Elections are about winning the argument, not bludgeoning the poor.

As any observer can deduce, the reason BN behaves this way is because they themselves know and fear that they cannot win on anything resembling a fair playing field. It is a plain admission by themselves that they know they have lost hearts and minds, so need to resort to the worst levels of election thuggery.

Indeed, given BN’s actions over this short ‘campaign’, they might as well have driven tanks into Kuching and declared martial law, as bother to pretend that this has been any kind of a democratic vote.

What worries many is that Kuching is a mere precursor to just such a potential outcome in Malaysia.

Najib is fighting hard to force the sultans to agree to concede him new ’emergency powers’, already granted by his parliamentary toadies, given that the probability now looms that his role in the theft and laundering of billions of stolen public money will soon be proven by global investigators.

Part of this planned “clamp down” will be an assault on the freedoms of the on online media, so that his and his party’s behaviour during elections such as in Sarawak can no longer be brought to the attention of the outside world.

The ‘reformer’ who learnt his lesson

Back when he took over in 2009, of course, Najib had reckoned he could have his cake and eat it, by promising ‘reforms’ of Malaysia’s repressive systems, which are designed to keep the BN kleptocrats for ever in power, getting richer and richer.

Adenan played the same ‘reformer’ role when he later took over in Sarawak.  Both scooped plaudits.

Sadly, it is like expecting a bunch of dirty old Mafia bosses to clean up their own illegal business.

Like Adenan, Najib has been at the heart of BN’s corrupted process all his political life.  While they may like to pretend they are forward looking, the logical conclusion of reform was a change of government and an end to the kleptocrat bonanza for UMNO’s ruling clique of client families in Malaysia – most particularly the both of them.

The 2011 state election in Sarawak was the first wake up call. A more open election than had ever previously been allowed, thanks to a free online media, and the emergence of a real opposition leader in the form of Anwar, caused a landslide away from BN.

If BN had not controlled a swathe of rotten rural seats the former Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, would have lost hands down.

Najib, who was by then facing criticism from his sour-faced party predecessors, concluded that some good old-fashioned cheating was in order, to assure a 2013 win.

So, he set about employing some of the mountains of stolen cash he had already begun to amass (as one does in BN) from the made-for-purpose slush fund, 1MDB.

The rest is history.  Najib bought and cheated his way through the 2013 election – and only just won at that.  Time to put the pesky Anwar into jail and initiate a clampdown, clearly.
The ‘reforming’ Najib had already learnt his lesson by the point last year, at which the horrible exposure of all his criminal thieving from 1MDB started to come to light, thanks again to that on-line media phenomenon, which was so far free from all the restrictions BN impose on the press and broadcasting.

WHAM!  Back against the wall and under the spotlight, Najib has swiftly turned 360 degrees from a ‘reformer’ into a reactionary thug-dictator, determined to protect his perilous position.
After all, if he fails, he knows that the forces of law and order have an inevitable route to take when it comes to grand theft and bribes…. not to mention all the other past sins involving Najib, which ought to have disqualified him from ever standing for the job of Prime Minister.

No one will give credence to the outcome of Sarawak’s sad election therefore.  The real issue is what will Malaysia do about Najib and the shocking situation with BN?

Quickies : Malaysia's True Islamic Concept!

Malaysia embodies true concept of an Islamic country: PM Najib

PETRA JAYA: Malaysia embodies the true concept an Islamic country, through the implementation of Maqasid Shariah (the objectives of syariah). Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the aim of implementing the Maqasid Shariah was to outline a definition of being a Muslim country and to be able measure........

KUCHING: Preserve the current Government if you want to preserve the sanctity of Islam in the country, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

1MDB probe finds $15M in luxury spending by Malaysia PM Najib ...
Mar 31, 2016 - In July of last year, the WSJ reported allegations that nearly $700 million had flowed from 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, to Najib's ...

cakap is not my intent to give clarity as to the meaning or purpose of life....

We have all, from time to time, ask ourselves and others for the meaning and purpose of life. From Darwin to Mohammad, from Buddha to Jesus Christ...from Jehovah Witness to the Reverend Jim Jones...everyone will have their say. What you make of it all is for you to decide with or without the benefit of common sense and hindsight....and I say hindsight because at the moment of death, if given the opportunity, I am sure most of you would have your druthers. 

It is not my intent to give clarity as to the meaning or purpose of life....I just want to be happy in my life and gracious to others with whom I have to live with.....and talking about the meaning and purpose of life is the surest way to not be happy and not be gracious to others with whom I have to live with. 

What plays in my mind over and over again is simply this : some time in the immediate future (for after all I am already 70!) I will no longer be alive. ...that sounds better than saying I will be dead! Increasingly that thought occupies my mind and when it does I reach out into the past to see how others deal with death.

For me, how Saddam Hussein faced his end, tells us much about the strength and character of the man. Throughout his trial he defended himself against an America that invaded his country and put him on trial in his own country with the express intent of killing him asap. He knew he would not win in court, he knew he would be executed and he made a decision to be courageous in his defence and courageous come what may. And if you want to see the courage of any man or is when he or she is facing imminent and certain death...and in facing death, Saddam was indeed courageous.

Not so Hitler, not so Qaddafi. Not Ceausescu because their last conscious moment of life was without courage or grace. 

I don't know why I think these thoughts. There is no fear of death in fear of what is to come after death...not even are there any unanswered questions about what is to come after death within me...none! It is simply thinking about what is certainly going to happen to me in the not too distant future and an attempt to rationalise what I do, what I can do and what I should do to ready myself for that eventuality. 

And the hope that when I know that death is near, I can be as courageous as Saddam was when he faced his own end.       


Monday, 2 May 2016

Sarawak Report : 1MDB...When first we set out to deceive....

Investigators Conclude 1MDB "Cheated" And "Made False Document" to Bank Negara, Deutsche Bank And Others EXCLUSIVE

Investigators Conclude 1MDB "Cheated" And "Made False Document" to Bank Negara, Deutsche Bank And Others EXCLUSIVE

CEO Arul Kanda has been named in investigation documents as having sent false bank statements on behalf of 1MDB. However, he arrived in January to find all the computers and records had been wiped – so who passed this false material?

Investigators into the Malaysian development fund 1MDB’s 2009 joint venture with the company PetroSaudi International have concluded that the partnership lied to its banks and Bank Negara Malaysia by confirming that the company Good Star Limited was a 100% subsidiary.

In fact Good Star Limited is a third party concern, controlled by the businessman friend of the Prime Minister, Jho Low, whom we have shown was secretly directing the fund’s investment decisions.

It leads to possible charges of “cheating”, write the investigators in a document in our possession.

A “possible offence by [1MDB]” , according to the document, includes:
“Cheating Bank 2 [sic] by stating that the account in RBS Coutts Bank belongs to 1MDB PetroSaudi’s parent company[PetroSaudi International]”
On a separate occasion the investigators conclude that during the transfer of an alleged USD$700 million ‘loan repayment’ to PetroSaudi 1MDB stood culpable of the “possible offence” of:
“Cheating Bank 1 [sic] by confirming that Good Star is 100% owned by 1MDB PetroSaudi”.
The papers in Sarawak Report’s possession show that the investigators have identified at least three separate occasions on which these and other transgressions were made, which appear worthy of prosecution.

Money was not used for intended purposes in violation of FEA rules

In particular, the investigators concluded that money passed into the joint venture was:
 “not used for the intended purposes under Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) if 1MDB PetroSaudi cannot show that the money was transferred from Good Star to the joint venture”.
In fact, subsequent documentary information passed to Sarawak Report shows that over USD$500 million was passed from Good Star to an account at the Swiss Bank BSI in Singapore, which was beneficially owned by Jho Low.

Today it has been further reported that Mr Low bought two penthouses in the City State of a combined value of RM154 million, just one of several examples of his conspicuous spending across the globe.

In a related line of enquiry the investigators examined the evidence that USD$260 million from a separate loan of USD$500 million, supposedly made also to the joint venture, was then diverted to buy out the Taib family’s UBG bank.
“We are investigating whether the money (USD$260 mil) was used to buy UBG shares through Javace Sdn Bhd. If it is true [1MDB] is in breach of FEA rules and possible cheating to Bank Negara Malaysia”, says the report, because this was clearly not the stated purpose for borrowing and then lending the money.

Why did the banks fail to report suspicious transaction reports?

Zurich branch of RBS Coutts under scrutiny - how come it did not file a suspicious transaction report on Good Star and did it check the beneficial owner of the account?

Zurich branch of RBS Coutts under scrutiny – how come it did not file a suspicious transaction report on Good Star and did it check the beneficial owner of the account?

While the investigators largely appear to exonerate the banks involved in these transactions, including 1MDB’s bank Deutsche Bank, on the basis that it appears they were misled by 1MDB’s managers, they nevertheless query the banks’ failure to flag up suspicious transactions.

The banks were clearly transferring huge sums of money under highly unusual circumstances, which ought to have triggered a number of reports to the authorities.

Analysing 1MDB’s final transfer of $330 million in four cash tranches to Good Star in 2011, the investigators note that two banks committed possible offences for failing to report a number of transfers including $110 million and $125 million as possible suspicious transactions.

Their “Examination finding” on this matter includes:
“Possible offence by Bank 1 for non-reporting of USD$110 million transaction”.
“Possible breach by Bank 2 of AMLA [Anti Money Laundering Act] for not submitting Suspicious Transaction Report on 1MDB PetroSaudi”
The report adds that it is
“confirmed that banks are required to report the ultimate beneficiary (i.e. 1MDB PetroSaudi) in International Transfer Information System report not any of the intermediaries”.  This leaves the banks in “possible breach of the AMLA for not submitting Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) on 1MDB PetroSaudi“, says the report.

Action by the regulators

Malaysia’s regulators have decided in the light of these investigations to approach the Swiss authorities in order to confirm that the money did indeed arrive in the Good Star account in RBS Coutts Zurich.

They are also looking for confirmation that the beneficial owner of that account was Jho Low.

If so, the British bank RBS Coutts stands equally exposed for failing to report a series of obviously suspicious transactions after receiving payments of $700 million; $160 million and $330 million between 2009-2011 into an account that had nothing to do with 1MDB.

False document

Swiss Bank BSI facing tough questions

Swiss Bank BSI facing tough questions

The papers also throw up a second accusation of possible falsification of documents by 1MDB.

Last week Sarawak Report revealed that the Singapore authorities had reported that an alleged bank statement submitted by 1MDB, in order to substantiate evidence about the contents of the fund’s BSI account, was in fact false according to the bank itself.

The bank denied the statement, presented to the authorities by 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda Kandasamy, was an authentic document or that it represented a true picture of the Brazen Sky account, which the PM/ Finance Minister has announced is holding USD$1.103 of the fund’s missing money.

Now the Malaysian investigators accuse 1MDB likewise of:
“making a false document (a letter to BNM [Bank Negara Malaysia]) and submitted to Bank ‘2’.  This is to make Bank 2 believe that BNM was informed that [the] funds are to be remitted to the joint venture’s parent account”
The funds concerned were the USD$330 million, which passed into Good Star under the guise of providing a loan to PetroSaudi and the above statement makes clear that 1MDB had shown a false copy of a letter supposedly sent to Bank Negara to its lender bank.
In fact, it is implied that no actual letter had been submitted to Bank Negara on the matter, thereby deceiving the bank involved in the transaction.

Nothing but "wild accusations" said the PM last night.  So why has 1MDB refused to comment on the evidence presented so far?

Nothing but “wild accusations” said the PM last night. So why has 1MDB refused to comment on the evidence presented so far?

It is plain from the papers submitted by the investigators that they have recommended that the Finance Minister should authorise an approach the Swiss authorities to confirm if Good Star received the various funds and to confirm if Jho Low is the beneficial owner of the company.

They also wish to pursue the matter of:
 “possible cheating and making false documents by 1MDB against Bank Negara Malaysia” and against two other banks, one of which is believed to be 1MDB’s bank, Deutsche Bank.
The investigators further wish the relevant banks to be questioned over their failures to submit suspicious transaction reports “with a view of compounding the offences if the explanations are not satisfactory”

Action or Inaction?

Yet, despite these investigations and recommendations by the authorities both within Malaysia and Singapore, the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister last night dismissed the entire series of documented revelations about 1MDB as “wild allegations”:
“”As a transparent government, I as the prime minister and the head of the leadership, with the honourable deputy prime minister and supported by the minister as wells as members of the administration, would never for a moment budge or surrender.

“Instead, we would remain steadfast and continue our struggle, charting a million new paths for the people and nation”, the Prime Minister declared in a speech designed to shore up his position against growing concerns about 1MDB’s missing billions.
In which case will he release these documents and authorise charges to be made against the transgressors identified by Malaysia’s own investigators?

[Note:  Journalists have a duty to protect their sources, hence our non-disclosure as to who created this official report and who leaked the material to SR.  1MDB and the various authorities, who have also received this report, are at liberty to issue their own statements or denials – or indeed challenge us through the courts. Readers are left at liberty to reach their own conclusions based on what they read.]

You'll Never Know....

Apa lagi kamu semua mau? Even the Saudi Foreign Minister has cleared Najib!

NYPost: "The multibillion-dollar state fund scandal in Malaysia that ensnared Goldman Sachs and Tim Leissner — the bank’s former star banker in Southeast Asia — is greasing the wheels of an escalating hunt for a massive treasure trove of hidden wealth worldwide, The Post has learned...
In the case of Malaysia alone, as much as $6 billion may have been funneled illegally from 1MDB to the accounts of parties that included Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, according to reports. And it is only the tip of the monetary iceberg.
Goldman’s Malaysian fiasco has put a bright spotlight on the mind-boggling sums of dirty money swamping the globe, according to anti-money-laundering experts."

steadyaku47 comment: All that Najib Razak has to do to clear himself of any wrongdoings in that RM2.6 donation and 1MDB in Malaysia, bar possibly the investigations by PDRM,has been done. Umno has cleared him of any wrong doing. In lock step so has Parliament, the Cabinet, AG, PAC, Parliament, the King and the Sultans (by their silence), and all the religious authorities that matters. That PDRM will also clear him of any wrongdoing is as certain as the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars will all rise tomorrow from the East...but until that is done "officially" let that Twit of an IGP have his "man of the moment" glory as he goes in, once again, to bat for the Prime Minister team and try to save the team from certain defeat.

I have no doubt that if confirmation of same is required by a "spontaneous and voluntary" outpouring of popular public support culminating in a massive demonstration of one million Malaysians assembled in Merdeka Square...that too bisa di atur!

So apa lagi yang kamu semua mau? Even the Saudi Foreign Minister has cleared Najib!

Well here is the thing about what is right and what is wrong, about something being good or bad....and about someone being guilty or Malaysia that can be managed, fabricated and guided to a conclusion required by those with big armies and deep pockets. In Malaysia today, Najib Razak is Prime Minister and he has decreed that "Cash," not him, is King. 

All that Najib has to do is cross the causeway into Singapore and that "truth that Najib is PM and Cash is King, no longer applies! 

Up north the same truth no longer applies once you enter Thailand and the same applies to countries to the East and West of Malaysia. 

These sovereign countries have their take on what Najib Razak does....what else countries further afield!

And so has begun the next phase of this "Donation" and 1MDB caper. ...the phase where Najib, the Cabinet, Parliament, Umno, the AG, PAC, the King and the Sultans, the religious authorities and what anybody else in Malaysia thinks and do about that Donation and 1MDB no longer matters.  

This is the phase where investigations into that "Donation" and 1MDB takes a life of its own driven by forces, factors and governments that wants to see that truth and justice prevails. 

Where good governance matters and corruption and bribery in government and by government officials and those holding public office are the concern, by among others,  of the Justice Department in the US and the Serious Fraud Office in Britain....both of whom, we have to agree, are more capable than PAC, MACC or PDRM in dealing with these matters.

Playing Golf with the President does not impress the US Justice Department nor does meeting the Queen inhibits Britain Serious Fraud Office from investigating anyone involve in improper and unlawful conduct on an industrial scale....something that Najib seems to be familiar with!

What happens in other countries is even beyond the reach of FLOM the FLOP. 

And here is the interesting part....if the US can reach out and punish Ghaddafi, Saddam Hussein and even Osama Ben Ladin....I cannot wait to see what they can and will do to reach out to Najib Razak and his fellow conspirators on this Donation and 1MDB caper.

These are indeed interesting times that we now live in and it s going to get more interesting! I don't really care a rats arse if those two now staying in Seri Perdana are not getting any sleep at night. I don't care tuppence if Flom the Flop has lost her appetite for Wagyu Beef - it would do her good...she needs to lose some weight! 

First those guys in the US frolicking with Paris Hilton and Leonardo di Caprio will easily be within the reach of the US Justice Department and the US Senate. They will be "cooperating with the US Authorities first.

And from here on it can only get more go get a few more packets of Kuachi and make sure you got the kachang putih in air tight containers....all the drinks you are going to need .......settle down to a front row seat and let us all watch those two high flying jet setting liars schemers and scammers low life pillaging and plundering Bugis Warrior and his Flom the Flop bitch of a wife now in Seri Perdana, live out what is left of their time as Malaysia's first couple as foreign governments seek their "cooperation" in their investigations of wrong doings by these two most despicable of Malaysians that we have had the misfortune to know.

Aku steady aja.....   

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There is still hope for us....a feel good story from Jezzabelle Loraine Lansing

With thanks to Jezzabelle Loraine Lansing

Okay guys.. I wanna share my story.

Okay guys.. I wanna share my story. This happened on 14th April 2016, at Pavilion food court (Melayu&Padang). My life literally snatched in a moment as a crook (identity hide to avoid racist comment) stole my handbag in split sec!  Through the cctv 2.50pm, shows that I was targeted by this 'uncle' left me and my baby with no money, credit card, debit card, important docs, H/Ps, house key! Luckily im staying in pavilion residence and my husband still at home Zzzzz.. 😂

I couldn't call anyone for help because everything was gone! Me and my sleeping baby... standing there feeling hopeless. Fast forward, I went and talk to one of the cleaner to direct me where's the security office. Thank god it's just nearby!

On my way to the security office, I prayed hard the cctv covering the place where I lost my belongings, working. Yup, it works.. and sharp! The staff at the security office were very professional attending my needs. Still.. they can't disclose the cctv to me as I need to have a police report before I could see the video. Escorted by a security personnel to the Auxiliary Police in Pav.. we bumped into someone wearing a civil shirt, the security staff was talking something to him, and he.. without asking my permission straight away snap my pic. I was furious like.. Heyyyyy!! Then he showed me his badge.. ohh, abang police 😎. (Police1)

Upon reaching the police office, so many things going on in my mind. You know, social media often shares a clip where police always not being cooperative with Rakyat, often shows that the police is rude, sleep (while office hour), cut short, police are Monsters 😂😂😂..  Well I tell you, what I've gone through the whole process totally changed my perception what they always say 'Police Raja Di Malaysia' is wrong!!

Entering their office, there Ms Ainani.. looking at this woman pushing a baby stroller feeling hopeless and pale asked me to take a sit, calming me down and asked what happened? I can't say anything as my heart start pumping all over again.. Things I can remember was asking 'can I borrow a phone?' Yeah.. she gave me her personal phone to call my husband. Couldn't control my voice til it wake my baby up!

My husband, without thinking and wasting his time, get dressed and get out the house (without  his wallet, without locking the house 😂) drove his car and started tracking 2 of my iPhone. The signal shows the crook just left Pavilion 10minutes ago. The apps called 'Find My IPhone'. As a housewife, I'm amazed the tracking was way so accurate with satellite captured the exact spot!

With my baby eyes wide open, wishing me to play with her, adoiii how to complete my police report? I need to see the cctv!! God sent one more police named Ms Amyza.. 😂😂😂 she took care and play with my baby. Before I could complete my report, Abang Police.. (Seriously didn't get his name so I address him as Police1) came to office and show me the footage through his cellphone. By right, I should have hand a police report to security office in order for me to get a copy of cctv. He however acted super fast and show me the video.


I received a call from my husband (through Ms Ainani cellphone) telling me the signal he get was only 100-200 meter radius from his car. He knew the crook is around nearby, but he couldn't get a figure right. Police1 jumped to my husband rescue sending him the cctv clip. That crook was seated nicely waiting for a bus near RHB jln Tun Razak. My husband nabbed him with my handbag next to him inside a plastic. That crook was extremely shocked and claimed the handbag was not his, he don't know who put the bag there 😂😂😂. My husband grabbed the handbag and pushed the crook's face facing the glass wall! Less than 10minutes, Police1 and his partner Officer Daniel.. Waaaa so fast, I thought I saw Police1 and Officer Daniel standing next to me like 5minutes ago??

While we still drafting a report, I saw my husband's car arrived with Officer Daniel and the crook in it! I ran to my husband's arm and cried. Then came Police1 and officer Daniel, behind them.. that crook!! They took him in the room so fast I didn't have a chance to kick him with my stiletto!


And the bad news.. my husband told me he got everything back but, my purse was emptied! That crook took my money and threw cards/doc somewhere but he didn't know how to address the place!! Haiyerrrr 😡😡!!  I thought that's the end.. Nope.


We were transferred to Police Station Dang Wangi branch. Police MPV arrived with blue siren light. Heading to my husband's car, he received a call from someone who's working at a construction site (Mohd Firdaus), telling my husband he found several doc and cards next to a fence where he works.

Arrived at Dang Wangi branch, again.. 'Monsters' are playing in my head 😂😂😂.. first Lady Officer who attended me, omg.. she's such a dolly! Also taking care of my grumpy baby while I'm struggling to draft a report. Upon completing my report, Mohd Firdaus called my husband how and where to meet up. Few minutes later, came a young, tall and bright looking aura walks into Dang Wangi branch and shook his hand to my husband. He handed over all cards/doc he found near the construction site. My husband offer Mohd Firdaus an 'Ang Pau' which he firmly rejected.. God Bless this Man

We were asked to go level 10 to meet Sarjan Aiman. A fierce looking guy, eyebrows so thick and attached 😂😂. But heyyy.. this guy is rich with sense of humor! All went well. I got my handbag, purse, money, iPhones, doc/cards back.  The whole process went so well and ended at 8pm. Long day, but it just didn't feel 'a long day'..

Moral of the story, take a good care of our belongings. Police are not a Monster, for they are really a Polis Di Raja Malaysia! The very person that I really wanna thank for, Police1 and officer Daniel. Police1 supposed to go home early as he's not feeling well, instead.. being there with me until we finished. Salute 😘..

I need your help, everyone's help.. please share my story until it reaches to all these police's Facebook Wall!! Thank you PDRM and thank you Malaysians

p/s: my Husband is my Hero FROM Jezzabelle Loraine Lansing fb posting


Khalid Abu Bakar : The Twit Strikes Again! This time declaring a man insane before the court can decide if it is so!

I was going to tweet this to that Twit of an IGP but Twitter's 140-character limit made it impossible because this needs more characters than gotta to use steadyaku47 blog space lah. 

First can you please read the FMT report attached below of 28th April 2016 "IGP : EAIC should not have released finding".  

Then do go to the next article in the Malay Mail on 25th April titled : "IGP urges Indians to remain calm after Ipoh temple attack". 

My comment follows:

Free Malaysia Today : 28th April 2016.

IGP: EAIC should not have released findings

April 28, 2016
Releasing the findings raises the issue of sub judice in the death-in-custody case of N Dharmendran reopening on May 24, says Khalid Abu Bakar.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) should not have discussed its findings and recommendations concerning the death-in-custody case of N Dharmendran, says the Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar. 

“Datuk Yaacob Md Sam’s statement has raised assumptions that the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has failed to take action against the four policemen involved,” said Khalid in a statement today.

Khalid said that the matter should not have been discussed at the moment considering that the case against the four policemen accused of involvement in Dharmendran’s death will  reopen in court from May 24-27 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

“Seeing as the case has not been resolved, it should not be discussed outside court because it could be prejudicial towards the case,” said Khalid.

BANGI, April 25 ― Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has urged the Indian community in Ipoh to exercise patience and restraint after a Hindu temple was vandalised by a mentally ill individual yesterday.
Khalid said the police have already arrested the individual who ran amok yesterday and reminded the Indian community not to get riled up by the issue.
“I hope the Indian community in Ipoh calms down. This was done by someone mentally unstable.
“This guy is a doctor that was just fired from the Ipoh hospital for being mentally unsound,” he said during his speech at an event in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
The police chief added the individual will be placed at Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan for further treatment.
- See more at:
The Malay Mail Online 25th April 2016

IGP urges Indians to remain calm after Ipoh temple attack.
The Malay Mail Online
25 April 2016

BANGI, April 25 ― Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has urged the Indian community in Ipoh to exercise patience and restraint after a Hindu temple was vandalised by a mentally ill individual yesterday.

Khalid said the police have already arrested the individual who ran amok yesterday and reminded the Indian community not to get riled up by the issue.

“I hope the Indian community in Ipoh calms down. This was done by someone mentally unstable.

“This guy is a doctor that was just fired from the Ipoh hospital for being mentally unsound,” he said during his speech at an event in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

The police chief added the individual will be placed at Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan for further treatment.

steadyaku47 comment : In the first report from FMT this Twit of an IGP says "The Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) should not have discussed its findings and recommendations concerning the death-in-custody case of N Dharmendran.... “Seeing as the case has not been resolved, it should not be discussed outside court because it could be prejudicial towards the case,” 

And yet in the second report in the Malay Mail with regards to the incident where an Indian Temple in Ipoh was vandalised, this is what that Twit of an IGP said before the courts have resolved the matter: "I hope the Indian community in Ipoh calms down. This was done by someone mentally unstable.....This guy is a doctor that was just fired from the Ipoh hospital for being mentally unsound,”

So before the court decides if the man is insane or sane...the IGP has confirmed that the man is mentally unstable!

So please Mr Twit aka PIG (Police Inspector General), aka Najib's boot licker and running dog extraordinaire for Umno.......pray tell me how do you reconcile those two conflicting statement of yours?

The job of PDRM is to investigate and  provide the courts with the results of the investigations and let the court decide on whether that man is sane or insane! 

Or are you too dumb to understand what I am trying to tell you? 

Ok Lah...once more time...repeat after me: Your job is to investigate. You do not make any conclusion about whether that man who vandalised that Indian Temple is sane or insane. Kapish? 

Note : One other thing not get confuse about that investigation you are doing on 1MDB. Your job is to investigate what happened in is not your job to do an investigation with the purpose of wanting to clear Najib of any wrong doings in 1MDB.....faham tak? Repeat after job is to investigate 1MDB not to abrogate, mitigate or expurgate Najib of any wrong doings in 1MDB!